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We offer a personalised boot fitting service with a wide range of styles and brands to suit all feet types. Here some of what we offer: –

● Free sizing
● Fitting & shell check
● FREE Custom shell moulding on Atomic Hawx Memory Fit & Salomon Custom Fit
● Custom Fit Liners
● Re-heat & mould exisitng boots & liners
● Adjust and alter problem boots (if the bunion has grown we can accommodate it)!

*** We now offer SIDAS Winter 3 Feet foot beds as well as FULL CUSTOM FIT footbeds for the ultimate in fit and feel in your ski boot! Prices start from £35 ***

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We currently stock Atomic, Head, Lange, Rossignol & Salomon Boots – if we don’t have a boot style or size you were looking for please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you!


Boot Fitting Key Points to a Custom Boot Fit

Ski Boot Fitting – The key points to a great Custom Boot Fit


The BIG Question – Do I Rent or Buy ski boots?

From years of instructing and fitting out all types of skiers, this is one of the questions we hear the most – should I Rent or Buy ski boots?

Equipping yourself with ski boots that are fitted properly is vital; otherwise you won’t be able to control your skis properly, nor get the feel and feedback to progress your skills.

If you’ve got the skiing bug and you’ve got the hang of the basic techniques – the sooner you can get your own fitted ski boots the better.  If the job’s done properly, then they’ll make a big difference to how fast you progress on the slopes as well as your overall comfort and enjoyment.

A key factor for many people is cost, however, you can pick up a quality pair of fitted ski boots for the same price as few weeks boot rental, and they can last for years if they are simply looked after and you will only need to upgrade as your skills or skiing tastes change.

Another factor with having your own boots and/or skis, is having more kit to travel with. If you do what the pros do and have the right luggage & pack smart you can actually travel easier with no more expense and less stress!  Plus having your own kit you avoid that trip to the Hire Shop after a long journey, only to be grunted at in foreign language and thrown a pair of damp feisty ski boots to try and get your feet in to and hope for a reasonable fit.

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One thing is for certain – everyone’s feet are very different, even our own left foot can vary greatly from our right foot, with subtle variations or protrusions from wear and tear or old injury’s. This is why we Highly Recommend getting a Custom Fit Boot – with the latest boot technology we can mould the outer shell as well as the inner liner, to give you a totally personalised fit – all included in the price of the boot!

Pair that up with a custom foot bed and you will never want to go back to a rental boot ever again!

If you do rent ski boots don’t allow ski rental shops to fob you off with gear that doesn’t fit or isn’t properly maintained. It’ll cause no end of pain and frustration on the slopes, and end up with you wasting precious time trekking back and forth to try and find a boot that actually works for you!

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1. Look for an outfitters with more than one or two brands of ski boot –

Each manufacturer makes its boots to fit various kinds of foot shape, and as you are aware, we are all built differently, and not everyone’s foot conforms to that shape – especially if they’re extra-wide or extra-narrow. You may need to try two or three different brands to find a boot that will work for you. If a shop only stocks one or two brands, go elsewhere

2. Make sure they measure and analyse both your feet!

It’s not enough to ask you how big your feet are – shoe sizes can cover a multitude of sins and getting your feet onto the measuring board and podoscope (pictured, above), provides a much better picture of how wide & long they are, as well as the basic anatomy of your feet which will make a big difference to the fit, too.

3. Get a Personalised Footbed

As per the above foot shapes vary & the footbeds that ship with ski boots are generic and do not support every foot shape.
The right foot bed will provide vital support for your instep, holding the foot in place and preventing it from flattening and rolling.  This will increase your comfort and also how you engage with your skis.
Foot specialists Sidas offer 3 Feet Winter – a simple ski boot solution for Low, Mid and High arch foot types, that also offer additional insulation against the cold.

4. Get the assistant to help you put the boots on

There’s a right and a wrong way to put on a ski boot, and to check whether or not it fits. For a start, you need to buckle it up properly – modern boots with the correct insole should support the foot well and the lower buckles should therefore not need over-tightening.

5. Do not say if the boots fit or not…

…until all the buckles are secured and you’re gentle flexing in the front of the boot. Your toes will inevitably be pressing up against the front of the boot liner when you’ve just put them on. It is only when you flex forward against the tongue, will your heel slide back into the correct position, taking your toes away from the pressure point on the inside of the boot. So wait a few moments before you think about how the boot fits.

6. Think of a firm handshake

In addition to the fit lengthwise, pay particular attention to the fit around the heel and ankle, and over the ball of the foot. The boot should hold the heel in place when you flex forward and rock from side to side. There should be no lateral movement of the ball of the foot in the boot, either. Overall, the boot should hold your foot like a firm, but not bone-crushing, handshake.  If it doesn’t, ask for another pair, and keep going until you’re satisfied, if the boot fitter sighs and shrugs his shoulders you are in the wrong shop…visit Active Snowsports!

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