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 Custom Boot Fitting

Ski Bargains

Ski Bargains

Snowboard Boots 9

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How to Choose Snowboard Boots

It is essential to consider ability and style of riding when purchasing your snowboard boots as they are made with different flex ratings, depending on their designed use. Soft flex styles are made for an easy going ride and are perfect for beginners due to their forgiving feel. Aggressive riders should opt for a medium flex rating as this provides more power in turns and quicker reaction times. Stiff flex is ideal for the freeriders carving fast and hard. They deliver excellent turn initiation and also provide extra power.

Snowboard Boots 2

Snowboard Boots

Having the right snowboard boots is a must. They are the most important interface to your board and possibly the most important decision to make when buying snowboard gear.

Boots in this range come from some of the best snow sports brands in the world and have been chosen because they excel in comfort and performance.

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