The Black Project



100 % customised ski boots.
The Black Project  from Sidas is a concept that allows you to have an unprecedented experience through the combination of : products, SIDAS know-how and your bootfitteur.

The Black Project is designed around a range of specialised products:

– Customised shells (X3 and Impact)

– Customised insoles (Custom Technology)

– Customised innerboots (PU or thermo)

This specific boots is made to fit a skier from all shapes and sizes! The idea that it is not just one or two elements that can be customised now is phenomenal!

Like the feeling that the boot is made specifically for your foot and no one else?
Like feeling secure and held in your boot?
Hate rubbing on your foot that leads to horrid blisters and sores ?

Maybe it is time to look at this a little closer. Arriving in our store SOON!

Please call if you have further questions we will be happy to help!